Being tall a drawback? No way! Surpassing the 6-foot mark is like wearing a chic badge of honor all the time. Here are the top 10 reasons it rocks to be a tall girl.

Long Denim Jeans1. Lovely long legs
Beautiful long legs are the ultimate accessory for any outfit. Long legs look sexy in denim, maxi dresses, minis and more. Both men and women are bound to notice those gorgeous gams, so show them off proudly!

2. So many shoes
While shorter women might feel the need to wear heels to work or on a date, your height allows you to wear whatever shoes you darn well please. Flats are comfy and stylish while those stilettos accentuate your already hot height in the loveliest of ways.

3. Online shopping 24/7/365
Most stores lack clothing that fits tall women well, which means we always have an excuse for a little digital retail therapy. Online boutique clothing stores offer duds ideal for lengthy physiques. The best part: online clothing retailers never close, so if you’re in the mood to shop at midnight while wearing your favorite bunny slippers, there’s nothing stopping you!

4. No one steals your clothes
Sure, we tall women have to look a little bit harder for fashion, but when we find our favorite pieces, we don’t have to worry about our girlfriends stealing our styles. Clothes that fit on us will trip up the average lady, which means you don’t have to worry about your friends raiding your closet – unless all your friends are fabulously tall like you!

5. More money
Did you know height is an asset in the workplace? Studies show that the taller you are, the more money you make. Research by Timothy Judge at the
 University of Florida found that every inch of height equates to 9 more salary per year. That means if an average 5′ 4″ woman makes ,000 annually, a 6′ 1″ woman will pull in ,101 more.

6. Athletic advantage
Height provides an advantage in the majority of popular sports, giving you an edge over your competition. Even if you don’t want to play and would prefer to cheer from the stands, you don’t have to worry about someone sitting in front of you and blocking your sight lines; your height gives you a great view no matter where your seats are located.

7. Center of attention
Walking into a room and being the tallest woman there instantly makes your presence known. Embrace it! People generally admire height because it’s not something everyone can have. Friends envy the way clothes look on your long frame, your tall height provides a commanding presence in the boardroom worthy of respect from colleagues, and men – let’s just say, who doesn’t want a gorgeous tall girl by their side?

8. Amazing adjectives
Short ladies are described using words like adorable, cute, tiny, small and petite. We might as well be talking about puppies and kittens! Tall women are often described using the verbiage like statuesque, model-like, etc. Hey, we’ll take modelesque over cute any day!

9. Long reach
Sure, it might not seem very exciting, but the ability to reach up high certainly has its advantages. We definitely don’t need to pull a chair over to reach the top of our kitchen cupboards, we never have to ask the grocery clerk to grab an item from the top shelf and those overhead bins on airplanes are absolutely no trouble for us!

10. One of a kind
Being tall doesn’t make you different, it makes you special. Above-average height is one of those amazing qualities that makes you unique. Always be proud of who you are and let the world know you love being a tall girl. Your height – paired with your smile and personality – will always be memorable.

Source: Haute Height