Like adding icing to enhance your favorite pastry, accessories can transform a great outfit into head-turning attire in an instant. Tall women are lucky when it comes to accessorizing because our commanding presence means the ability to go big and bold with accessories that might overpower shorter women. Here are six of our favorite types of accessories for long-legged ladies:

1. Beautiful Bags
Fashionable and functional, the right bag is a must for any outfit. Whether you go clutch, satchel or scoop up this stunning Mary Alice Tote by Stephanie Johnson, vivid colors and stunning patterns are A-OK because they energize an outfit while simultaneously balancing lankiness. Remember, you can never have too many bags, so have fun adding a few in varying colors and sizes to your personal collection.

2. Long Necklaces
Long necklaces are a tall lady’s best friend because they add personality to any look and complement a lengthy torso. We adore the Locke Necklace in Antique Gold and the Saint Necklace featuring a pretty turquoise-toned stone. Try customizing your look by layering necklaces in a variety of lengths!

3. Big Belts
Nothing works better for adding dimension to a long column of clothing than a chic belt. For tall women, belts can be a great way to have a little fun when putting together an outfit. Go big and chunky or experiment with different colors and textures, like the Silver Jeans Lustrous Belt in Silver. If you want to go for the chic skinny belt, it’s best to avoid the super-skinny onesthat may get lost on a tall frame. Instead choose one that is just ¼ to ½”wider, and go bold! Try a metallic or brightly colored belt to help it stand out!

4. Stunning Hats
Perhaps we can thank the royal family for inspiration because American women seem to be adopting the recent hat craze with full force. Whether you select an oversized super-feminine number or a more subtle fedora, beanie or newsboy cap, hats are great when you want to accentuate your height and bring admiring eyes upward.

5. Glamorous Earrings
If you want an accessory that packs a fashion punch, look to dangle earrings that instantly make your face the focal point of your look. Start by sweeping hair into a simple ponytail. Then select a fun pair of chandelier earrings like the Kobe Earring that blends gold with black and white lacquer, or the Candy Earring that dazzles lobes with faux pearls, crystals and gold.

6. Fancy Footwear
Adorn feet with footwear to accentuate the beauty of your height. Wedges are ideal for warm weather when you’re going for a free-and-easy summer look. Tall boots accentuate long legs and add a splash of sex appeal when temperatures dip. Missing your tall boots in the warmer months? Try a smoking hot trend: gladiator booties and sandals that come up around your ankles, calves, even knee high! And while flats are a must-have basic, there’s no need for tall ladies to fear high heels – be sure to embrace your height and rock those pumps with confidence whether at the office or on a hot date!

These six accessory tips will make your look sizzle and add beauty to your long frame. Mix and match several for a customized look or choose just one to make a big fashion statement without every saying a word.

Source: Haute Height