In fashion circles there’s always talk of the next big color trend. But as hot hues come and go – sometimes in the blink of an eye – there is one contrasting combo that has stood the test of time: black and white.

Clean, cool and oh-so chic, black and white fashions make a bold statement. When done right, this high contrast look will make you feel gorgeous and confident. There’s something powerful about monochromatic outfits, and black and white instantly stands out in a crowd.

How are designers embracing modern black and white within their collections? Playful patterns, geographic prints, bold detailing and daring dye techniques are all examples of black and white done right. Here are some of our favorite ways you can add this lovely look to your style repertoire.


Designer denim

Move over indigo, black and white denim is trending big time. Black jeans are sleek and slimming, like the Hudson Supermodel Bootcut in Black that hugs every curve perfectly. White denim is white hot as well, a big trend for resort season this year. Check out the Hudson Supermodel Bootcut in White, perfect for lengthy legs.


Lovely lace

When black and white is featured in intricate lacework, the result is bold elegance. Chanel’s 2014 Resort Collection shows how these two opposite colors attract in the most sophisticated of ways. Take queues from the designer by adding a few white or black lace tanks, tops or lace leggings to your wardrobe.

Playful patterns

Black and white patterns are a perfect example of how high-end designers are blending timeless style with modern flare. Checks, herringbone and hound’s-tooth textiles in black and white are featured in blazers, vests, rompers, capris and more. Have fun blending black and white patterns to create a look that’s all your own!


Sassy stripes

Vertical black and white stripes add lengthy loveliness, enhancing the already beautiful features of tall ladies. From tailored shirts to couture dresses, black and white stripes are figure flattering and visually stimulating. In addition to vertical striping, horizontal, angled or “V” patterns, like are positively beautiful.

Gorgeous graphics

Graphics can be a fun way to approach black and white fashion design. For example, Marc Jacobs’ playful Mickey Mouse collection featured our favorite little mouse in vintage monochromatic style. Create this look with your current pieces by matching a graphic T-shirt with your favorite black or white jeans and finish with a black leather jacket. Très chic!

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Source: Haute Height