It can be frustrating shopping for stylish clothes in a world created for the “average.” Tall women who want the latest fashions too often find lengths, rises and runs that leave a lot to be desired. The good news is that your wardrobe does not have to be limited!

A handful of big retail brands have tried to enter the tall women’s clothing segment – some more successfully than others – but the little secret that the most fashionable lengthy ladies hold close is that boutique shops are where the best clothes are found.

Why shop boutique? Specialty stores like Tall Couture are dedicated to finding fashions specifically for tall ladies. You’re not just a segment of a bigger audience – tall women like you ARE the audience, and that means a higher level of consideration goes into the creation of the collections you’ll find. After all, Tall Couture was founded by two sisters, who at 6-foot tall know personally what kinds of clothing look and feel fabulous on women of a taller stature.

Here are three reasons to skip the big retailers and find the shopping experience you’ve always dreamed of at boutique clothing stores:

1. High level of customer service
At Tall Couture, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service. You’re not just a number; you’re a member of the tall sisterhood! If you have any questions or feedback – about a product, style, fit, etc. – we want to hear from you. Email or call! You’ll get a quick response most likely from one of the founders herself. Jennifer, the CEO (Customer Experience Orchestrator), enjoys building lasting, personal relationships with customers, many of whom she now considers friends.

2. Hand-selected collections
Boutique stores bring more focused attention to inventory compared to big retailers, and Tall Couture is no exception. Headquartered in New York, Tall Couture fashion experts are always keeping tabs on the latest and greatest trends with an eye for superb quality. We know our customers’ needs and we meticulously review each detail of a product before offering it on the site. When you shop the Tall Couture collections, you’re guaranteed to find pieces that are impeccably made with a fabulous fit for long-legged ladies.

3. Highest-quality pieces
We don’t just develop collections for the sake of the sale. It’s our goal at Tall Couture to provide high-quality pieces that fit well so tall women who previously struggled finding clothing can have those key pieces that an entire wardrobe can be built around. From work wear to premium denim or feminine tops, you’ll find those signature pieces that will define your look. What’s better, many collections feature pieces made in the USA!

Ladies, we know it can be a rough journey finding the best clothing for your height. Tall Couture offers the solution with a variety of chic styles perfect for taller frames. Explore the collections and let us know what you think!

Source: Haute Height