Premium denim is an investment, and therefore, you’ll want to take steps so your jeans look great for many years. Too often people wash their jeans just like they do any other item of clothing, but this can be a big mistake. To maintain your jeans’ integrity, style and fit, keep a few care tips in mind.

1. Check the tag
The first step is to check the tag for special care instructions. Each brand may have different care steps depending on numerous factors including the dye, wash, denim composition, style and more. Don’t ignore the fine print!

2. When in doubt, dry clean
Some hardcore denim enthusiasts never wash jeans – they feel it’s the best way to preserve them. But for most people, not washing is not an option, so consider dry cleaning your designer denim duds. Be sure to tell your dry cleaner that you do not want them laundered, must be dry cleaned. Tall ladies often do this because it’s an easy way to preserve the length – no shrinkage!

3. Turn inside-out
If you do decide to wash your jeans yourself, it’s wise to turn them inside-out. This helps protect the hardware from nicks and scratches. It also helps preserve the dye and minimize fading and streaking.

4. Wash denim with denim
It’s best to wash a pair of denim jeans by itself or with other denim clothing only. This helps keep color integrity and protects your other clothing from potential damage.

5. Choose cold settings
Always wash jeans on the cold setting. Cold water prevents excess dye loss and helps discourage material shrinkage. Bonus tip: The first time you wash dark jeans, add a 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the water to help set color.

6. Choose detergent wisely
Most standard laundry detergents are too harsh for your designer denim and may cause streaking or fading. One option that works well is Woolite for Darks, which has special chemicals that are gentle yet preserve darker clothing dyes. Laundry products meant to capture colors (such as Tide Color Catcher) might be great for protecting your whites, but will also capture the dye of your jeans and fade them at a faster rate, so it’s best to keep them out of your denim load.

7. Air dry
The hot temperatures of a dryer can cause jeans to shrink and fade, so consider air drying designer denim. If jeans are too stiff after being air dried, throw them in the dryer with low or no heat just for a few minutes to soften them up.

They aren’t your average jeans and therefore they deserve more than average care. Keep your jeans looking great with these tips and you’ll be rocking your favorite pairs for many years to come.

Source: Haute Height