HUDSON SUPERMODEL BOOTCUT IN BLACKDo you love how designer denim looks on your lovely long legs, but the vast array of cuts and measurements makes your head spin? This basic guide is a great starting point for navigating the beautiful and sometimes complex world of designer denim so you can pick out the perfect jeans for you. Remember, we live and breathe denim day in and day out, and are always here to help if you have any questions!

The cut refers to the style in which the denim is constructed.

Bootcut jeans – A flattering cut for most women, the bootcut jean is cut slim through the hips and thighs, and flares out a bit at the knee/calf area to fit over boots or other shoes. The flared lower leg balances the waist and hips giving a slimming illusion and overall flattering fit.

Flare jeans – Flare has a similar design as bootcut, but these jeans have an even wider opening at the bottom between the knee and ankle. A sleeker, more modern interpretation of the 70s bell bottom jeans. Like the bootcut, the flare jeans create a balancing effect that is flattering and pleasing to the eye.

Straight-leg jeans – Just like their name, straight-leg jeans are cut straight from the knee to ankle; there is no tapering or flare. These jeans are generally more relaxed fitting on the waist and hip. Perfect with an ankle bootie or slip on flats, the straight-leg is a versatile staple in your denim wardrobe.

Skinny jeans – Cut to sit close to the skin for the entire length of the leg, skinny jeans are the tightest fitting jeans and can easily be tucked into boots. Skinnies are my fall/winter favorite with everything from snow boots to knee-high tall dress boots, but they look equally as amazing year round with a sexy stiletto!

Boyfriend jeans – Cut to be loose and slouchy, boyfriend jeans are made for women, but use a design approach similar to what’s used for men’s denim jeans. Wear them cuffed with a sneaker and loose knit sweater for that simple, sexy tom-boy look.

The measurement between the waistband and crotch seam is referred to as the rise.

High-rise jeans – Jeans cut with a high rise means that they sit above your natural waist – an inch or sometimes more above where your naval is located.

Mid-rise jeans – Versatile mid-rise jeans look great on most body types because the jeans are cut comfortably at or slightly below the natural waist providing ample coverage.

Low-rise jeans – Also known as lowcut jeans or hip-huggers, low-rise jeans are designed to sit low on the hips. These jeans have the smallest amount of length between the crotch and waistband.

Source: Haute Height