We have all heard our friends talk about it at some point… “I just have to have a new dress for my date, but I am totally broke! I guess I will just leave the tag on and return it after… Hope I don’t spill anything!” Even I, a retail business owner, have laughed and pretended that I wasn’t appalled at the idea. We try to be polite, but the reality is that our “friend” is stealing. We may tell ourselves that it is harmless, “The store isn’t going bankrupt over one dress. They make enough money to subsidize my designer habit.” Well, we would be wrong.

The idea that it is acceptable to wear and return items to the store is a fallacy. The cost of dealing with damaged, unsellable returns has to come from somewhere, and while large stores inevitably increase their prices across the board to cover the cost, small, family-run businesses like ours don’t do enough volume to distribute the cost across other sales. In the end, the customer loses out by paying more and/or not having access to amazing small businesses that offer unique items not available in mainstream commerce.

Now, I am not going to give away our secrets for telling if any item is worn or not, but suffice to say that most of them are pretty obvious. The dead giveaway is the tag, of course. If you remove the tag, tuck it in, reattach it, we will know. You would not be happy if you paid for a new pair of jeans and got one that was worn and returned. We would never sell it to you that way. Therefore, we will not accept them as a return that way. It is as simple as that. So understand before you wear and return that you will not get a refund, and you may even lose a store you love in the long run. 

Ok, that is enough serious talk. Ellen is here to bring laughter to the situation, as only she can! Love her! 🙂

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Source: TC Style Blog