They say Gratitude is not the result of Happiness,
but instead Happiness is the result of Gratitude.

This year, I feel especially grateful to have weathered many storms, not
the least of which, was a hurricane named Sandy. Being without power for
a week was a mild inconvenience considering what others have been through
this month. There are so many people who have lost so much, many of whom
are still not able to return to their homes. Thanks to you, we were able
to help provide a few meals for some of those whose Thanksgiving may depend
on Food Banks and other assistance. Our donation, along with Lots of Love,
goes out to those who find themselves in need this year.

And our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our fabulous customers
and friends who make Tall Couture possible. We hope you have a safe, warm Thanksgiving filled with gratitude &

If you would like to make a donation of your own here are some links! We chose Food Bank for New York City and Feeding America based on their Better Business Bureau accredidation and 4 star Charity Navigator ratings.

Source: TC Style Blog