The Tall Woman’s Guide to Finding the Best Jeans for Her Body Shape

There’s nothing better than discovering that perfect pair of premium denim jeans, but many tall women have embarked on a shopping journey only to come up empty-handed and disappointed. After all, length is only one component in making an amazing pair of jeans fit and flatter in all the right places. The jeans must also match each person’s unique body type. Check out this guide to find the ideal pair of denim jeans for your body shape:

Body type: Tall and slender
Tall and slender? Lucky you! You can choose from virtually any type of jeans and they will flatter your physique. Skinny jeans look fab on your long, lean figure! Like a second layer of skin, these jeans fit like a glove in a darker rinse that is ideal for day or evening wear. Boot cut jeans are another great option for slender types – they add a subtle shape that complements a slender body. Go summer chic by pairing with a basic tank, flowing blouse or light tunic.

Body type: Tall and curvy
If you have curves that kill, show them off in jeans that complement your feminine shape. Best to avoid ultra-skinny designs or fading on the thigh areas as they can make curves look bigger and bulkier. Instead, go for wide-leg or boot cut jeans that balance your body shape and elongate the leg.  Match these jeans with a fitted blazer or cute cardigan cinched with a colorful belt for a curvaceous look that will turn heads instantly.

Body type: Tall and apple-shaped
If you have smaller legs but carry a little weight in your midsection, you’re considered apple shape. So many women fit into this category. To enhance your shape, look for jeans with a mid-rise or higher cut waist. These jeans have a wonderful slimming effect with enough shape to balance apple body types. Add even more pizzazz to these jeans by wearing them with your favorite heels – from peep-toe to stiletto, this combo makes painting the town red more stylish than ever before!

Body type: Tall and rectangular
For women who have the height but not the curves, avoid jeans with exaggerated flares that can drown a boyish figure. Instead, embrace what ya got and go for straight-leg styles. Match these jeans with a peplum jacket and statement necklace for a lovely look that transitions well throughout the day. You can also add variety to your jean repertoire with a great pair of wide-leg jeans. This chic and sophisticated denim look is super easy to dress up or down depending on your day’s to-do list.

Remember that trends come and go, but once you find the right type of jeans for your body shape, you’ll have a fashion staple that will be worn often and for many years to come. Happy jean shopping!


Optical illusion – wardrobe tricks that accentuate your best features

Fashion mavens have figured out simple tricks for accenting gorgeous features while simultaneously hiding others, and it’s all about using clothing and accessories to create optical illusions. So whether you want to show off those killer curves while slimming the tummy or add volume to a boyish figure while highlighting a flat stomach, consider these simple secrets used by fashion designers and stylists around the globe:

Slimming – No matter your body shape, there are a few tried-and-true tricks that provide a thinner appearance. Vertical and diagonal lines are your friend, adding classic elegance whether in a dress, blouse or blazer. Black is always slimming, but you can use all dark hues to your advantage when paired with light/bright colors – simply place the dark color on any unflattering areas and the bright where you want to draw the eyes. A simple example: Dark suit with a bright blouse.

Fashion we love: Saint Grace Moby Stripe Foldover Skirt in Oat/Liberty.

Long torso – Many tall ladies have a long torso. The easiest trick is to use accessories to achieve the look you want. Long or layered necklaces break up a long torso and add a touch of pizazz. Another great option is the waterfall jacket because the flowing front detail adds dimension. A structured jean jacket is a must-have for long-torsoed women. Finally – if you dare – a crop top of course will do the trick.

Item we love: Long Chain Necklace in Gunmetal.

Curvy – If you have an hourglass figure, the best way to highlight those curves without adding extra weight to your look is to focus on your waist. Closer-fitting clothing shows off your assets and a nipped-in waist ensures you look like Marilyn Monroe. Chunky belts can be a wonderful way to define a waist and enhance a curvy physique. Beware of over-sized clothing that can drown out your figure fast.

Fashion we love: Stacia Sweater Dress.

Boyish – If you are lacking in the curve department, no worries. It’s easier than you think to give the illusion of curves, and doing so doesn’t involve an uncomfortable push-up bra. V-necks and appropriately placed cutouts can emphasize cleavage. Dresses with empire lines, full skirts and peplum pieces are ideal for adding curvature to boyish figures, too. Details like ruching, color placement and texture are all great for giving the illusion of curves, too.

Fashion we love: Grid Lock Top.

Pear – To balance wider hips and a full derriere, select tops that ruffle a bit. To avoid attention on thicker thighs, choose dresses and skirts that are knee-length so you can still show off those lovely legs without going overboard. Blouses and dresses with slight shirring cinch in at the waist to complement a pear shape.

Fashion we love: 7 For All Mankind Slim Illusion Pencil Skirt in Faded Blue.

10 Reasons It’s Awesome to Be a Tall Girl

Being tall a drawback? No way! Surpassing the 6-foot mark is like wearing a chic badge of honor all the time. Here are the top 10 reasons it rocks to be a tall girl.

Long Denim Jeans1. Lovely long legs
Beautiful long legs are the ultimate accessory for any outfit. Long legs look sexy in denim, maxi dresses, minis and more. Both men and women are bound to notice those gorgeous gams, so show them off proudly!

2. So many shoes
While shorter women might feel the need to wear heels to work or on a date, your height allows you to wear whatever shoes you darn well please. Flats are comfy and stylish while those stilettos accentuate your already hot height in the loveliest of ways.

3. Online shopping 24/7/365
Most stores lack clothing that fits tall women well, which means we always have an excuse for a little digital retail therapy. Online boutique clothing stores offer duds ideal for lengthy physiques. The best part: online clothing retailers never close, so if you’re in the mood to shop at midnight while wearing your favorite bunny slippers, there’s nothing stopping you!

4. No one steals your clothes
Sure, we tall women have to look a little bit harder for fashion, but when we find our favorite pieces, we don’t have to worry about our girlfriends stealing our styles. Clothes that fit on us will trip up the average lady, which means you don’t have to worry about your friends raiding your closet – unless all your friends are fabulously tall like you!

5. More money
Did you know height is an asset in the workplace? Studies show that the taller you are, the more money you make. Research by Timothy Judge at the
 University of Florida found that every inch of height equates to 9 more salary per year. That means if an average 5′ 4″ woman makes ,000 annually, a 6′ 1″ woman will pull in ,101 more.

6. Athletic advantage
Height provides an advantage in the majority of popular sports, giving you an edge over your competition. Even if you don’t want to play and would prefer to cheer from the stands, you don’t have to worry about someone sitting in front of you and blocking your sight lines; your height gives you a great view no matter where your seats are located.

7. Center of attention
Walking into a room and being the tallest woman there instantly makes your presence known. Embrace it! People generally admire height because it’s not something everyone can have. Friends envy the way clothes look on your long frame, your tall height provides a commanding presence in the boardroom worthy of respect from colleagues, and men – let’s just say, who doesn’t want a gorgeous tall girl by their side?

8. Amazing adjectives
Short ladies are described using words like adorable, cute, tiny, small and petite. We might as well be talking about puppies and kittens! Tall women are often described using the verbiage like statuesque, model-like, etc. Hey, we’ll take modelesque over cute any day!

9. Long reach
Sure, it might not seem very exciting, but the ability to reach up high certainly has its advantages. We definitely don’t need to pull a chair over to reach the top of our kitchen cupboards, we never have to ask the grocery clerk to grab an item from the top shelf and those overhead bins on airplanes are absolutely no trouble for us!

10. One of a kind
Being tall doesn’t make you different, it makes you special. Above-average height is one of those amazing qualities that makes you unique. Always be proud of who you are and let the world know you love being a tall girl. Your height – paired with your smile and personality – will always be memorable.

Source: Haute Height

1 Skirt, 5 Styles: How You Can Easily Transform Your Look, Too

Few things beat the rush of getting a new exciting piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe. The brain buzzes with different outfit ideas while it simultaneously determines the best time to debut the pretty new number. This is truly a slice of fashionista heaven.
We felt this familiar rush the first time we saw the new 7 For All Mankind Slim Illusion Skirt, a beautiful, faded, baby-blue denim pencil skirt that made our heart skip a beat. Immediately we thought of the possibilities for the office, date night and casual summer days.
We were so inspired that we decided to play around and discovered there are numerous ways to style this fabulous skirt. We came up with two transitional themes that show how it’s easy to take a favorite foundational piece of clothing and, by making a few simple swaps, instantly update the look!
7 For All Mankind Slim Illusion Skirt Styled Five Ways
Transition 1: Day to evening pencil skirt is a timeless office essential, but because this one is made from premium denim, it adds a little fun and funk to a boring boardroom environment. To make sure you maintain the balance between conservative and creative, layer your look.
We put the sparkly SugarLips Sparkle Seamless Camisole under the versatile O Collection Belted Jacket, and the result is a lovely black blazer with just a touch of sparkle. Wear buttoned up or open during the day and you’ll be the most stylish gal in the office. Finish with a favorite long necklace to break up the torso and highlight the neck.
When it’s time to transition from day to evening, you can be ready for happy hour or date night instantly by removing your blazer to reveal a bit of skin and all the glamour of that sparkly camisole. Finish with a stack of chunky bracelets, like the Patten Bracelet Set, and kick up the heat by swapping those office-appropriate pumps for a pair of strappy peep-toes!
Our favorite purses for this amazing transitional look include the Imoshion Convertible Clutch in Black, the Laura Vela Bamboo Oversized Clutch in Leopard or the Laura Vela Bamboo Oversized Clutch in Black.
Transition 2: Beach to boardwalk
A day at the beach doesn’t mean you should put your fashion-forward style on hiatus. Bring new energy to your beachwear by skipping the traditional swimsuit cover-up and wear the 7 For All Mankind Slim Illusion Skirt instead. That bikini top never looked better than when paired with this curve-hugging skirt.
Seaside adventures require colorful accessories, too. We love this look with the Mary Alice Tote by Stephanie Johnson. The colorful aqua, brown and yellow zigzags of this oversized tote make it perfect for beach days. Add the matching Molly Straw Mat by Stephanie Johnson and you’ll be ready to sprawl out on the soft sand!
Of course every golden goddess needs a break, so when it’s time to hit the boardwalk for a cool treat and bit a of shopping, cover up with a light and airy summer top, like the Kyra Peasant Blouse pictured here. You’ll look boho chic and stay cool no matter how hot the temperature gets.
Finally, going from the sand to sidewalk means updated footwear is in order. Switch from flip-flops to chunky wedges that elongate legs and show off that killer tan.

Source: Haute Height

Shop your shape: Finding the ideal skirt for your body type

Whether you’re going for chic and sleek or flowy and feminine, the right skirt can instantly define your look. Because skirts are a fashion staple, particularly during warm summer months, it’s important to stock your closet with the right styles for your body type. This simple guide featuring the season’s trendiest skirts will help you find the ideal skirt for you:

7 FOR ALL MANKIND SLIM ILLUSION PENCIL SKIRT IN FADED BLUEPencil: Hourglass and pear-shaped figures can rock a sexy pencil skirt day or night. Pencil skirts show off those killer curves in a retro, va-va-voom sort of way. Pair with a blouse and blazer for a conservative office look, then turn up the heat for date night by matching your pencil skirt with a body-hugging tank in fun, colorful summer hues. Heels are a must with pencil skirts, adding definition to show off those long, gorgeous legs.

Enhance your wardrobe with a classic pencil skirt like the Forever Classic Skirt in Black & White Stripe. Then add funk and style to your weekend attire with a fun denim pencil skirt – we adore the 7 For All Mankind Slim Illusion Pencil Skirt in Faded Blue.


Maxi: Floor-skimming maxis look dramatic on statuesque beauties. If you have curves, look for fabric that doesn’t cling too much; you want to go for a breezy maxi style. For tall skinny ladies with more boyish figures, a tighter maxi that sits low on the waist is a great choice. Maxis are ultra versatile, so pair yours with sandals and a tank on sizzling summer days and a light jacket and booties for cooler evenings.

This year we can’t get enough of Saint Grace maxis. The ultra-soft fabric made extra-long is ideal for tall women with panache. Check out the new Saint Grace Fern Maxi Skirt in Venetian Ombre, which is a dip-dyed blue that’s to die for, and the Saint Grace Moby Stripe Foldover Skirt in Oat/Liberty in a super-chic chevron print.

KYRA PEASANT SKIRTPeasant: The cousin of the maxi, the peasant skirt is a great option for casual summer days where an airy skirt is just the ticket for staying stylish and comfortable. These flouncy tiered skirts are often made from cotton and have a boho-chic vibe. Because of the fullness of peasant skirts, they look great on boyish and pear figures. The full skirt is balanced by wearing a tighter top, such as a cute cropped tee or skin-hugging tank.

One of our favorite summer looks is the white Kyra Peasant Skirt paired with a bright, colorful tank. For chillier days, simply add a cute denim jean jacket and you’ll be all set!

A-line: Fitted at the hips and gradually widening toward the hem, A-line skirts look awesome on virtually all body types. Tall ladies look amazing in mid-length A-line skirts. As timeless as your mother’s pearl necklace, a great A-line skirt will be a wardrobe favorite for years to come. Find a few in basic colors like black and beige, and then experiment with some fun feminine prints and colorful floral A-lines that look oh-so-cute.

The Kyra Floral Skirt in Black fits and flares in all the right places, with a figure-flattering crossover detail that will earn you loads of compliments. The Stillts A-Line Skirt in Black is a great basic skirt and a wonderful foundational element to enhance your professional wardrobe.

Source: Haute Height

Celebrate Strength and Beauty This Independence Day with Styles That Are All About You

The Fourth of July comes quickly every year. It’s a day off work that’s meant for enjoying time with friends and family as you celebrate our nation’s independence. It’s also a day to reflect on our own individual strength and independence.

We tall ladies know it can take thick skin and a light heart to live life to the fullest. Some men (and women!) are intimidated by our height, and we’ve all heard our fair share of giraffe jokes and suggestions that we should play basketball or volleyball.

My message to all my fellow tall women is to embrace who you are – your height is a big part of that! Love your long legs, your curves and yes, the fact that you might be taller than your friends and your significant other. We rock the world from a bit higher than everyone else, and the view is splendid!

Fashion is a key part of embracing your individuality. Whether you prefer sporty, feminine, modern or conservative styles, you should wear what makes you feel good. Because, after all, the person you should please most is you!

So dress in what you love for any July 4th event. Is there anything better than being a strong, independent woman on Independence Day? I think not. Here are some hot fashions for some of the most popular Fourth of July activities guaranteed to make you look fabulous so your strength and beauty can shine both inside and out. The remarkable sale prices available now during our “Welcome to Summer Sale” are just icing on the cake.

BBQ: Apple pie, sizzling steaks, cool salads – the flavors of summer are just as exciting as the fashions! A barbecue calls for casual attire like a cotton tank, and a great pair of capris like the Fidelity Stevie Capri in Iona Dark have a skinny midrise that will complement long legs comfortably.

Beach: Sandy seashores across the country will fill up for Fourth of July with people looking to enjoy the sunny weather. Wear something light and stylish. Beach days are the perfect reason to reach for your best maxi dress or skirt. Check out the Saint Grace Fern Maxi Skirt in Venetian Ombre with a blue hue that is as fresh as the ocean air.

Fireworks: A blanket, fireworks and your love combine for the perfect summer evening. Cozy up as the sky illuminates with color! Wearing a comfy shirt that flows in the warm evening air is ideal – try the Saint Grace Bandit Tank in Indie Freedom Wash. This sleeveless top flows effortlessly and looks chic with shorts, jeans or a skirt.

For more fashion inspiration for Independence Day and beyond, check out the Tall Couture Red, White & Blue category on the website. You’ll find fun summer styles that will turn heads no matter where you’re headed. And with the awesome summer sale currently happening, you might find your next favorite fashion gem. You can save 25 to 40% off of cute cropped jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, tops and jackets. Your summer wardrobe will rival even the most dazzling firework display.

Source: Haute Height

Hot Colors and Textures for Chic Summer Fashion

Summer means wearing clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. When you find pieces that mix the season’s coolest colors with the hottest textures and patterns, you’re guaranteed to have a look that will turn heads. Some of our favorite trends are also some of the most versatile, which means you can create a style that is all your own for a season of sizzling-hot fashion.

Sheer layers

Summer and sheer fabrics go together like ice-cold lemonade and a sunny afternoon. Sheers serve as the perfect way to inject a touch of femininity into your look no matter how hot it is outside. Chiffon is the sheer fabric of choice – easily layered up or down for a customized look that flows delicately in the summer breeze. SugarLips Romantic Ripples Blouse in Navy is a prime example – a sleeveless blouse with a waterfall of navy blue chiffon layers that can be worn as a top by itself, or paired with a bolero jacket for a stunning summer look day or night.

Vivid blues

Nothing adds a cool vibe to a hot summer day better than a stunning outfit in shades of refreshing blue. Blues brighten as they heighten your look and bring energy to your style. The Saint Grace Peri Knot Top in Venetian Ombre is a gorgeous shade of ocean blue that fades down toward the hips and can be tied into a knot for a super chic and casual summer shirt. Blue accessories are another fun way to jazz up your summer wardrobe – the Denny Earring in Blue adorns lobes with gold and blue style, and nothing beats a fun blue scarf casually tied around the waist or worn as a headband.


Whether you go with a classic blue wash or opt for crisp white or colorful dyes, denim rules the summer fashion scene. Grab yourself a Level 99 Gina Mid-rise Wide Leg Trouser in White, and you’ll look white-hot in a tailored trouser design that fits and flares in all the right places. And summer’s hot denim styles aren’t just for bottoms – jean jackets are the ideal versatile add-on to any outfit. A great denim jacket looks chic with peasant skirts, capris or even when you want to add a little funk to that super cute cocktail dress you love so much.

Colorful patterns

Colorful patterns are great for summer months because they reflect the bold hues found in Mother Nature. From graphic-print tops to skirts featuring tribal designs, colorful patterns make it easy to have a little fun with your summer wardrobe. For date nights or when the evening calls for a sassy little number, the Orchid Swirl Dress is just the ticket! Featuring beautiful swirls of Radiant Orchid – the color of the year – this cocktail dress has an open-back design that makes the back just as stunning as the front. You’ll definitely look lively as you paint the town red!

Source: Haute Height

Wedding guest etiquette: Tips for dressing with style and class

Prime wedding season is upon us – an exciting time to support friends and have a little fun celebrating. Choosing the right outfit for a wedding can be difficult: you want to look lovely, appropriate and never outshine the bride, of course. To get a picture-perfect look ideal for the occasion, consider a few timeless tips and tricks.

Trick: Take queues from the invitation

The wedding invitation and the time of the wedding are your best guides to the event’s formality, according to A fun country-themed invitation for a wedding in the afternoon will clearly call for attire different from that of an evening wedding at a 5-star resort. The dress code may even be printed on the invitation (often in the lower left corner)!

Tip: Formal vs. semiformal vs. informal

Once you know the formality of the event, you can narrow your attire choices.

Formal: For formal day events, opt for a cocktail dress. This isn’t an evening out on the town, so try to target about knee-length, if possible. Evening formal weddings call for longer dresses that sweep the floor. Add gloves for a stunning black-tie look.

Perfect Semi Formal Wedding Guest DressSemiformal: Cocktail dresses are ideal for both day and evening semiformal weddings. We love The Cue Renne Dress in Champagne with a light silk fabric that is beautiful for summer. Pair with matching heals to show off those gorgeous gams! Another semiformal option for summer weddings is the Pastel Romance Dress in Mint – lacy and delicate in an oh-so-trendy summer shade, this dress is a breath fresh air at any event.

Informal: You have a lot of options for informal weddings. A skirt or pants paired with a favorite blouse lets your own style shine. Keep in mind that themed weddings are typically more informal and may even encourage guests to dress the part. For example, a 1920s-style wedding may call for feather and fringe accessories. A beach wedding lets you get creative and colorful by wearing a dress like Stacia Butterfly Dress in Cabana with a beautiful blue print and unique butterfly sleeves.

Trick: Accessorize!

Sometimes budgets don’t allow for a brand-new dress for each wedding, and let’s be honest, if you have a LBD you love, why not reinvent it again and again? The secret to keeping a great dress versatile for different events lies in the accessories. Gold bangles always add a touch of class, so create a luxe look with stacks of black and gold from the Patten Bracelet Set. Complement a long torso with a long necklace that sparkles; the earthy-gold goodness of the Gilmore Necklace should do the trick. And don’t forget that scarf/wrap for keeping warm when the party goes into the late evening!

Tip: Ask the bride

When in doubt about what to wear or which customs you should follow, ask the bride or maid of honor. Either would be more than happy to answer your question rather than have you show up in something not-so-appropriate for the special day.

Source: Haute Height

Tall Swag: Top Accessories for Tall Women

Like adding icing to enhance your favorite pastry, accessories can transform a great outfit into head-turning attire in an instant. Tall women are lucky when it comes to accessorizing because our commanding presence means the ability to go big and bold with accessories that might overpower shorter women. Here are six of our favorite types of accessories for long-legged ladies:

1. Beautiful Bags
Fashionable and functional, the right bag is a must for any outfit. Whether you go clutch, satchel or scoop up this stunning Mary Alice Tote by Stephanie Johnson, vivid colors and stunning patterns are A-OK because they energize an outfit while simultaneously balancing lankiness. Remember, you can never have too many bags, so have fun adding a few in varying colors and sizes to your personal collection.

2. Long Necklaces
Long necklaces are a tall lady’s best friend because they add personality to any look and complement a lengthy torso. We adore the Locke Necklace in Antique Gold and the Saint Necklace featuring a pretty turquoise-toned stone. Try customizing your look by layering necklaces in a variety of lengths!

3. Big Belts
Nothing works better for adding dimension to a long column of clothing than a chic belt. For tall women, belts can be a great way to have a little fun when putting together an outfit. Go big and chunky or experiment with different colors and textures, like the Silver Jeans Lustrous Belt in Silver. If you want to go for the chic skinny belt, it’s best to avoid the super-skinny onesthat may get lost on a tall frame. Instead choose one that is just ¼ to ½”wider, and go bold! Try a metallic or brightly colored belt to help it stand out!

4. Stunning Hats
Perhaps we can thank the royal family for inspiration because American women seem to be adopting the recent hat craze with full force. Whether you select an oversized super-feminine number or a more subtle fedora, beanie or newsboy cap, hats are great when you want to accentuate your height and bring admiring eyes upward.

5. Glamorous Earrings
If you want an accessory that packs a fashion punch, look to dangle earrings that instantly make your face the focal point of your look. Start by sweeping hair into a simple ponytail. Then select a fun pair of chandelier earrings like the Kobe Earring that blends gold with black and white lacquer, or the Candy Earring that dazzles lobes with faux pearls, crystals and gold.

6. Fancy Footwear
Adorn feet with footwear to accentuate the beauty of your height. Wedges are ideal for warm weather when you’re going for a free-and-easy summer look. Tall boots accentuate long legs and add a splash of sex appeal when temperatures dip. Missing your tall boots in the warmer months? Try a smoking hot trend: gladiator booties and sandals that come up around your ankles, calves, even knee high! And while flats are a must-have basic, there’s no need for tall ladies to fear high heels – be sure to embrace your height and rock those pumps with confidence whether at the office or on a hot date!

These six accessory tips will make your look sizzle and add beauty to your long frame. Mix and match several for a customized look or choose just one to make a big fashion statement without every saying a word.

Source: Haute Height

Kick off Memorial Day with fab fashion

Memorial Day is finally here! The unofficial start of summer has us all dreaming of sunny days, star-filled nights and, of course, updating our wardrobes for warmer temperatures and fun summer adventures. From the beach to backyard barbecues, tall women can look summer chic with the latest trends and styles. Here’s our top picks for some of the most popular activities of the season:

1. Music Festivals
From Bonnaroo to Austin City Limits to your local weekend festival, music events are some of the most anticipated activities of the summer. You can channel your inner bohemian princess when you wear airy, casual styles that freely flow with the music in the hot summer breeze. We adore the
 Native Finds Dress, a casual cream-colored number that stands out with Native American-inspired trim. Wear it as a mini or as a tunic with your favorite pair of distressed jeans and you’ll look super cool no matter how sizzling the temperatures get.

2. Beach Days
Summer and days by the water go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re preparing for a seaside picnic or a long romantic walk at the water’s edge, a light peasant skirt makes it easy to be a beach beauty. The
 Kyra Peasant Skirt is a summertime staple, featuring lace and eyelet details for a sweet and casual look. This easy, breezy skirt goes perfectly with your favorite pair of sandals and a tank. Don’t forget to grab your Hudson Signiture Jean Jeacket to stave off the evening chill when the sun goes down!

3. Bridal Showers
Wedding season is upon us, which means you’ll probably be heading to various bridal showers throughout summer. Dress up without going overboard for summer soirees like these. A light summer dress is just the ticket, like the
 Pastel Romance Dress in Mint. This long lacy dress is a breath of fresh air with a minty tone that is perfect for summer gatherings with the girls. Pair with espadrilles and a pashmina for a lovely look that lets your beauty radiate all afternoon long.

4. Backyard Barbecue 
As backyard barbecues fill up your summer social calendar, finding clothing that is fashionable and functional becomes a necessity. Try matching your favorite tee with your best jeans or shorts! Chic chambray stripes adorn the new
 Fidelity Axl Chino Short in Pinstripe Chambray for a casual yet tailored look ideal for grilling season. For jeans, we love the Fidelity Axl “Girlfriend” Jean in Exile Vintage. With a slight slouch that embraces the essence of boyfriend jeans, they offer a fit that complements the curves – these jeans make comfort and style simple. The food won’t be the only thing that gets kudos at the barbecue with these must-have pieces!

Happy Memorial Day leggy lovelies!

Source: Haute Height